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Reminder of Library Rules

Remember that the card is king in the LRC: in order to borrow you must have your ID card with you.

Fiction and non-Fiction books, magazines and CDs are available for 2 week loans. 

Items in The VCE collection are available for 3 night loans. Public holidays do not count as a 'night'. Students who fail to return VCE resources by the due date will, on their 3rd recorded overdue date, have their borrowing privileges on VCE resources suspended for a term. 

Any laptops borrowed must be returned by the end of the day.  

LRC Important Dates Term 3

Monday 16th of July: ALL STUDENTS – Holiday borrowing items due back.

Tuesday 21st of August Lunchtime: Cath Crowley, author of Words in Deep Blue, joins us in the LRC.

Wednesday 29th August: Year 9 PRC winners excursion to the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Monday 10th of September: Holiday borrowing starts for fiction, non-fiction, magazines. All students can borrow up to 10 items.

Wednesday 19th of September: Holiday borrowing starts for VCE loans. All students can borrow up to 10 items. 

Monday 8th of October: ALL STUDENTS – Holiday borrowing items due back. 

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News Gallery

June 2018 | Term 2 Holiday Borrowing

It's the first day of term 3, and hundreds of books have come through our returns chute back into the library. As you can see from the photo, it's almost overwhelmed our ability to cope with them, with many books piled up waiting to be shelved, but it's wonderful to see such a keen interest in reading across all our students. Well done students! You've really outdone yourselves this time. Now... to get back to shelving.

June 2018 | Top Student Picks

We have a new spinner in the LRC which is titled 'Top Student Picks'. This is a space for you to recommend books to other students so please take the opportunity and add one of your favourite books to it. It is also a space to find good books, so make sure you have a look next time you're in the library. Should you feel so inclined, you may also write a short review of the book using the forms provided. 
June 2018 | Stella Schools Creative Writing

In May 2018, Mac.Rob students had the opportunity to take part in a series of creative writing classes with Stella Prize winning author Emily Bitto.  The sessions took place over two weeks and four sessions, where a variety of creative writing activities and drafting were completed by the students. The completed work was compiled and edited into an eBook that is now published and available on the LRC catalogue. If would like to read these fantastic student stories, you can access the eBook here.
June 2018 | Skye Melki-Wegner

On the last day of autumn, the LRC was joined by a very special guest: young adult author Skye Melki-Wegner. Skye has six books out, including the steampunk-fantasy-adventure series ‘Chasing the Valley’ and the spy-adventure series ‘Agent Nomad’.   
        Skye delivered a lunchtime talk to students and staff about her journeys as a writer. Some of the students in attendance were recent participants in Emily Bitto’s creative writing workshops, and it was clear that Skye’s experience in the writing industry held particular relevance for them.
         The talk began with practical advice on how to write a fantasy novel, with Skye explaining how she builds her world in small details, asking questions like what sort of currency is used here, what kind of language do they speak? As she is building an idea of her world, she writes ideas for scenes on index cards, and as these index cards pile up, she decides on a structure for the novel. Experience has taught her to balance out action scenes wi
th with dialogue scenes and not to place too many of either type of scene in a row.  

Alongside this writerly advice, Skye said several things that I’m sure all students could relate to. She said that whatever you goal may be, you can achieve it by chipping away at it a little bit each day. 90,000 words- a typical novel length- may seem impossible at first but if you focus on doing a few thousand words a day gradually you will be able to achieve your goal. She also told us of the immense satisfaction she felt on seeing one of her novels in a bookstore for the first time and she wished that each of our students would feel a similar moment of fulfilment in their lives, whether it be as writers or in some other field.
         It has been a great month for author visits with the Writer in Residence workshops and Skye Melki-Wegner’s visit. Our next visiting author will be Cath Crowley on Tuesday the 21st of August at lunchtime in the LRC.

We hope you’ll join us there.

May 2018 | Premiers Reading Challenge 2018

The Premiers Reading Challenge is a co-curricular program that our year 9s participate in, supported by the LRC. In the challenge, Students are encouraged to read at least 10 books from the year 9-10 PRC reading list as well as 5 books of their own choice. Many of our students read well over the 15 books required and we keep a tally of how many books each student, and each class has read, so that we can reward the school's most voracious readers with a trip to the Melbourne Writers Festival. So far this year 9F is narrowly in the lead, but there's not much in it. Keep reading year 9s!

May 2018 | Booker International Prize Shortlist
The Man Booker International Prize has announced it's shortlist for 2018, and now they're all available to borrow from the LRC. This years shortlisted books come from France, South Korea, Iraz, Poland, Spain and Hungary. If you feel like reading some more world literature these books are a great place to start. 

April 2018 | Launch of the new LRC Maker Space

Last friday we had our inaugural 'Maker Space' get together in the LRC. Students and teachers alike had a play with the Cublelets robot construction system and the STEAM toolbox for invention based learning. We love to see students getting excited about creating new things and playing with the possibilities of technology. 

April 2018 | Mac.Rob Students publish a book!

For over a year the Student Representative Council (SRC) has been hard at work writing a book that outlines the particular difficulties Mac.Robian's face and what needs to be done to move forward as a school. The finished book is on display on our whiteboard and it looks amazing! The book looks at issues such as student wellbeing, teaching methods, and VCE concerns and looks to be a fascinating read for students and teachers alike.  

April 2018 | Returns from Holiday Borrowing
At the start of term 2, we've had our hands full with the massive mountains of books being returned from holiday borrowing. Whilst it is laboursome to reshelve all these books, it's great to see Macrobbians making such great use of LRC resources. We're always inspired by how much our students love reading and try our best to encourage that passion.  

March 2018 | Staff Easter Egg Hunt

Once a year at Mac.Rob we have a morning tea and easter egg hunt for staff in the LRC. This event is attended by nearly all staff members, and they have a lot of fun searching for easter eggs the students have hidden all around the library. They can also just have a relaxing tea and hot cross bun, with the school holidays not far away. Here's a photo of Micah Wilkins and Tamaryn Stevens enjoying the event.  

March 2018 | Mission to Mars Display
For those years 9s beginning the Mission to Mars program, and others who may just be interested, we have assembled some of the best books and magazines on the topic. Whether you want to be an astronaut one day, or you're just curious to know how the 'mission' is progressing, please come in and borrow one of these interesting books on display. 

March 2018 | PRC Captains
Today we had a meeting with the new PRC captains to discuss the launch of the Premiers Reading Challenge for 2018! The captains were awarded their badges and given some advice to get their forms revved up for the competition. Last year 9C took out the honours. Which class will triumph in 2018? In this photo we have Jenna Ma (9A), Chen Li (9B), Kaveetha  Arachchige (9C), Thanh Tran Thi Hai (9D), Amy Sun (9E), Selini Samaranayake (9F), Divyangana Dutta Rao (9H) and Rajeeva Pendyala (9I). Thevni Kalansuriya (9G) is absent.

February 2018 | Umat Practice Tests
Are you a year 12 preparing for this years UMAT test? We have just received a new set of practice tests, created by the National Institute of Education (NIE) to help you study. As usual they will be available for three night loans only.

February 2018 | Chinese New Year 

This year Chinese New Year falls on the 16th of February. Best wishes and celebrations in the new year, which will be Year of the Dog!

February 2018 | Valentines Day In The LRC

Today you can go on a blind date with a book. Come down to the LRC and try your luck, you just might find your perfect match!

February 2018 | Information Literacy classes
9F came into the LRC today for a day long course on how to be a good researcher in the 'information age'. At the end of the day they were asked to present on what they learned, which they did so in an entertaining manner: acting out short plays, clapping along to jingles and hosting Kahoot! surveys. 

February 2018 | The New LRC Team

In 2018 we have two new staff members in our library team: Peta Noonan and Oliver Jach. Returning as head of the LRC is Nuccio Gurciullo. We look forward to meeting you.

February 2018 | New VCE Checkpoints
Welcome to the 2018 school year everybody! We have the new Checkpoints.

November 2017 | Happy Travels

With the holidays upon us the LRC wanted the last display of the year to be recreational reading. With that in mind we present Read the Word and display of fiction and biographies from authors born of different nationalities. From the somewhat contentious Princess by Jean Sasson to As Red as Blood by Salla Simukka and We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston there is hopefully something for everyone to enjoy. No one said that you summer holidays (and all your holiday loans) need to be all work. All items are borrowable, just give the attached flags to the librarian so they can be reused where possible.

To go with the display there is a corresponding new webpage listing the books that were found in the LRC collection and some useful links if you want to continue your armchair traveling. The webpage also explains why some countries are harder to come by than others (such as Liechtenstein or Monaco). The webpage is located under the Books & Reading tab.

Remember you can borrow up to 10 items regardless of your year level (excluding laptops and charging cables which maintain their daily borrowing limit and do not count towards your 10 items) and all items will be due for return on Wednesday the 31st of January 2018.


Happy holidays to all, stay safe and enjoy your break.

Ms. McPherson

November 2017 | Learn Where to Draw the Line

Another display for all the arty among you this term. This time we’re focusing on drawing a sketching. The display features the work of Vince Low and current Mac.Rob student Danna Wan.  As always the books on display are available for loan.

Over on the laptop trolley there is a display and list of the top ten fiction books at Mac.Rob in 2017. Unsurprisingly perhaps it is dominated by studied texts and items adapted to screen. The top fiction book was Harper Lee's To Kill a Mocking-Bird, not only a studied text but able to be counted by year 9 students as part of the Premiers' Reading Challenge. The top non-fiction (excluding texts and study guides) is one the year's guest speakers, Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

A reminder that holiday borrowing for returning students will begin on Thursday the 23rd of November at 8am for all items including VCE items (usual restrictions apply). These items will all be due for return on Wednesday the 31st of January 2018.

Congratulations to those year 12 students who have already finished their examinations, best of luck to those still going.

Ms McPherson

November 2017 | Lili Wilkinson Author Visit Report

The LRC presented to the Mac.Rob community the final author in the visiting author program for 2017; Lili Wilkinson. Lili is a former student and a high profile figure in the world of YA (young adult) fiction. She was instrumental in the establishment of the much lauded “Inside a Dog” book review website and the famous YA awards “The INKY awards”. She has worked with the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas and has an office to base herself in at the State Library of Victoria. Lili lectures and teaches as well as presents to groups and schools.

Former students are such a vital link between school and the outside world. The links between life of a student’s studying works of writing to direct contact with one creating and publishing are strong. The group learnt so much about her inspirations and ideas, some of which stem for her time at Mac.Rob itself. A prolific writer, the LRC has all of her titles and some copies displayed in the illustrious cabinet in the Kingsway foyer. Lili was able to explain her desire to make fiction relevant and “cool” to her audiences. Topics covered in her fiction include, cults, select entry schools, the enrichment reading provides, breaking down of cliché characters (in particular women and young women) the celebration of being “Nerd” and smart and LGBTI issues.

She gave a reading of her latest book “The Boundless Sublime” which highlighted character and setting very well. As usual the Q and A session post the talk was interesting with questions covering a wide range of ideas. The audience were certainly left fascinated in the Inky Awards and the voting process. The LRC had a large and comprehensive display of all the long listed, short listed titles in both categories of international and national nominees.

I leave you with the quote which formed the title of Lili’s first foray into the digital world.

Groucho Marx Quotes. “Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read”

The LRC is currently planning its 2018 visiting author program which may include a writer in residence. Details will be in the newsletter once authors and dates and confirmed.

Mr Nuccio Gurciullo

The other books read from were Pink and Green Valentine. For the creation of the school used in Pink Lili drew upon her experiences at Mac.Rob but turned the volume up to eleven making everything just more.

October 2017 | Oh the Horror!

Tis the season to be spoopy in the LRC. All our horror books are out for show. Just in time for the stressful time of exams there is colouring (of an appropriate theme) on the Study Free Table. To reflect the season the genre spinner has changed to a horror theme and will remain that way for the rest of the year.

Our thanks to the Theatre and Science departments for their kind donations.

After the announcement of the Man Booker Prize previous winners of the Booker prize are now showcased on top of the magazines. This years winner of the Man Booker Prize is George Saunders with Lincoln in the Bardo


Some reminders

  • All VCE books are expected to be in the LRC for the duration of the SWOTVAC and examination periods beginning Tuesday 24th October. Non-Fiction Fiction books, audio items and magazines will remain in usual circulation.
  • For VCE students, as in previous years a refueling station will set up in the LRC for your use during SWOTVAC and exams.
  • The Final day for borrowing for year 12 2017 is Friday 20th October and please take the time to complete the exit survey that was emailed to you on Monday it will help the LRC greatly. Thank you to all that have already completed it.

Best of luck to all students undertaking exams.

Ms McPherson

October 11th 2017 | Welcome Back to Term 4

Welcome back for term 4, what is sure to be a busy term for all.

First of all some housekeeping. Due to the popularity of VCE (red dotted items) the LRC does keep the who whole collection as a reference collection during the VCE examination period, and for a brief period beforehand to ensure equal access. As such we do ask that all students return VCE items on Monday 23rd October. After the examination period for senior students, on Thursday 23rd November all items will once again be available for loan. This will mark the beginning of the Holiday borrowing period for returning students, all will be able to borrow 10 items due for return Wednesday 1st January 2018.

Over the term holidays the winners of the Inky awards were announced.Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley (previously named as a honorable mention by the CBCA) won the Gold Inky for Australian authors. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman won the Silver Inky for best international author.
Two other awards announced while we were on break were the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Franz Kafka Award. Both prestigious literary awards honouring the whole body of work of an author. The Nobel Prize for Literature this year was awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro the LRC holds multiple of his works. The Franz Kafka was awarded to Margaret Atwood, the LRC holds a diverse collection of her works.

Finally, don’t forget our final guest speaker for 2017 on Thursday 19th October, Lili Wilkinson. Lili is a young adult author and helped establish, she’s also Mac.Rob alumnae.

Best of luck with your studies this term

Ms McPherson

October 2017 | Recount of PRC Winners Excursion

Year 9 Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

Recount by Alina and Rebecca, PRC captains of winning form


Hello! We are Alina and Rebecca, the PRC captains of 9C - the form who won this year's challenge. We would like to share our experience during this event including the preparations, actions, and aftermaths.


Upon being elected as the two PRC captains of our form, we knew that it would take a lot of effort in order to best our competition; therefore, together with the class, we all put in our share of the responsibility to take home first place. Every week in form assembly, both of us would give updates on the amount of books each person has read, as well as the class total, all the while encouraging our peers to "step up their game" or "continue pushing far ahead". Originally, 9C was not one of the classes who appeared at the top of the ladder; however, through the weeks, we learnt that our simple obstacle was the motivation to log in books already read. It was with the entire class's cooperation, were we able to smash it out and win the PRC form challenge. 


Winning the competition was a huge surprise for us; our goal was not to lose, but we got so much further. As captains, we received a $20 Dymocks bookshop gift card each. Our whole class, however, was rewarded for our reading with a pizza lunch and an excursion to the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. On a Thursday lunch a couple of weeks after our success had been announced, 9C joined a year 12 form in L102 for lunch together. The pizza was juicy and delicious, despite being very greasy. 


Our form was very excited for the 30th of August — the day of our trip to Federation Square for the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. Our day started off with rain, umbrellas and coffee. Huddled around a table next to Fed Square’s NGV, we waited for our first session, “Dark Spaces”, to start. When ten o’clock came, we had come to one of ACMI’s cinemas and were listening to two novelists discuss their books and their writing. Both writers had based their stories around fantasy and a sort of hidden dystopia, which made for interesting and thought-invoking conversation. 


Our second session was called “Language of Shakespeare”, which sounded dull, but turned out to be very captivating. The main discussion was around the vocabulary Shakespeare used in his writing and how it affected his stories. One of our classmates, Orly, answered some questions correctly and won a book for the school library!


The last session at the Writers’ Festival that day was “Being Me” and seemed to be the favourite session among our class. The discussion was led by a host and two writers, neither of which defined themselves as either gender. These two authors provided new insight into writing about one’s own experiences, and how they overcame their obstacles when writing. Altogether, the Writers’ Festival was thoroughly enjoyed by 9C, as was the whole of the Premier’s Reading Challenge. 


Written by Alina Zhang and Rebecca Geary


Comments from the LRC


The LRC wishes to thank the canteen for all their work in providing the pizzas and Ms Alcock for supervising the excursion.

Orly won a book titled Portable Curiosities by Julie Koh. This was a prize for correctly answering the original meaning of words created or popularised by Shakespeare.

9C saw three authors speak whose books are now held in the LRC Nevo Zisin (Finding Nevo), Alison Evans (Ida) and Cally Black (In the Dark Spaces). Nevo Zisin and Alison Evans are the authors that Alina and Rebecca note as being genderqueer/ non-binary, with Finding Nevo dealing specifically with their coming into that identity in a binary world.

Congratulations to 9C on your win and your fantastic behaviour at the excursion.

Ms McPherson

September 2017 | #LoveOZYA

With the success of the INKY awards display (voting is open until 17 September) the LRC in continuing with the fiction displays, just in time for the holidays.

We are displaying YA books by Aussie authors and promoting the #LoveOZYA movement. As INKY is giving people the chance to win prizes so is LoveOZYA. You can go into the draw to win books and help improve the organisation. The #LoveOZYA movement is focused on encouraging Australians to read local authors as well as the big international names rather than being traditional in their promotion they use modern promotion on social networks using readers themselves. If you share your love of books online, blogging, bookstagramming, booktubing, tweeting, check out #LoveOzYABloggers and join in the fun. You might be surprised how many of your favourite authors are Australian or how many of your favourite books have a match.

The LRC would love to see what you can come up with let us know if you participate and we will add it to the website if you would like. If you do decide to try it out and want to share with the LRC email Ms McPherson (

Our next guest talk will be by YA author and MacRob alumnae Lili Wilkinson on October 19th at Lunchtime.
As promotion for her most recent solo publication, The Boundless Sublime, Lili recorded Let's Talk About Sects looking into types of cults, what makes a cult leader and some of the more unusal common themes around cults. This includes an interesting and frank admission about why sects interest her so much. There is some rather graphic description in the videos, but let's all be honest here we're talking cults not fluffy bunnies (though you may want one afterwards). Let's Talk About Sects is on Youtube but the series is posted on Lili's website.

Finally, it's that time of term again Holiday borrowing is back... starting on Monday September 11th for fiction, non-fiction, magazines and audio recordings and for VCE items on Wednesday September 20th. Year 9 and 10 students will be able to borrow and an additional 5 items. All items will be due Monday October 9th.

Ms McPherson

August 8th 2017 | Yassmin Abdel-Magied

As the saying goes “it was standing room only” on Tuesday the 8th of August in the LRC when Yassmin Abdel-Magied spoke to a packed house of students and staff. During my planning of the visiting author program I sought to create a variety of speakers of diverse backgrounds, writing styles and genres. Yassmin came to my attention during this process. As luck would have it, on the evening of the Art festival “White Night”, I spotted Yassmin and approached her asking if she would consider a school engagement. Her response was as warm and inspirational as her talk was.

Beginning with an acknowledgment of the traditional owners of our land. Yassmin’s talk covered a variety of topics including growing up in a new country, working in non-traditional fields like engineering and family pressure and expectations. She talked about growing up in suburban Brisbane where she was one of only two Sudanese families. The notion of “belonging” was developed and she made a very clear point that no matter where we come from, what our beliefs are etc that we are all Australian.

Yassmin talked a lot about risk, failure and chance. Referring to many instances in her life where the path she started on and expected to go down did not always end up the path that she’d chosen. The overwhelming message was that students and young people in particular should really follow their desires and their dreams.

Accidental opportunities: Yassmin recounted how accidents can lead to all sorts of opportunities. A chance bumping into a person in a lift, a sight altercation and a follow up cup of coffee lead to a dream job opportunity.

Accidental philosophy: she recounted a conversation with rough looking oil worker who gave some life changing advice on trying to be someone she was not. In outback Queensland from the least likely character, she learnt to accept herself as she was and not try to change herself in order to fit in.

After this point, she decided not to “tow the line” and to speak when she wanted to on matters that she cared passionately about even if this may prove unpopular.  She will use her public persona and voice to represent oppressed, women the underclass.

Her parting message to our students was to “start the ball rolling, others will step in” I am confident her address to the students and staff will do that in more than one case.

Our next visiting author is former student Lili Wilkinson. Lili has spoken in the LRC before so we look forward to welcoming her back on Thursday October 19th at lunchtime

Mr Nuccio Gurciullo

August 2017 | Genre Spinner

The LRC's latest acquisition is a new spinner for books which is set up near our existing spinner (used for recent returns). We have purchased it to free up space on the shelves and allow for even more fiction titles for you to enjoy. Our way to use this is to display one genre at a time on the spinner. First up: Fantasy. Fantasy is one of our most popular genres, it is typified by unrealistic elements and make believe. Though there are many types of fantasy they all fall under the same banner. Don't forget on our Recommended Reads page we keep lists of recommended books sorted by genre.

On the sign for fantasy books is a piece of art by Syncadia ( formerly on DeviantArt) called simply Mash up. How many fictional references can you find?

August 2017 | What's For Dinner? & PRC 2017

After wrapping up Harry Potter the LRC displaying something equally well loved… Food.

For the rest of this month we are showcasing some of our recipe books. For those who are loving the adorable character who is the face of this months display she is from a game called Cooking Mama available on Nintendo DS and Wii. A big thank you to the Art and Food Technology departments who loaned items for the display (yes, the wedding cake and cupcakes are real).

Remember all books on display can be borrowed or if you only want one recipe you can photocopy it.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2017 

Term 3 also marks the end of MacRob's participation the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge. Between January and mid July students in year nine read 9207 books. 2223 different titles were read across the year, the most popular book read by students was The Hunger Games. Some of the more unusual titles included Ghost In The Shell, The Jane Austen Book Club and Six of Crows.

Final Verified totals:
9B - 258 books
9E - 363 books
9G - 414 books
9D - 450 books
9A - 517 books
9F - 679 books
9H - 812 books
9I - 1138 books
9C - 1742 books

The LRC wishes to congratulate 9C on being this years inter-form competition champions and thanks the PRC captains for all forms for their work. 9C will receive a pizza lunch and a trip to the Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program as their prize.

Ms. McPherson

July 2017 | 20 Years of Harry Potter Magic

Did you know it’s a double anniversary for Harry Potter this year?

By now most are aware that 2017 marks 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published but July 21st is also a major milestone marking 10 years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released.

To celebrate the LRC is running our own House cup. We are asking students (and staff) to make lucky stars and put them in their house’s container. The winning house will be the one whose container is full first. If you don’t know which house you belong to check out Pottermore or use the origami sorting hat.

And of course there are bookmarks so you can always carry a bit of magic with you.

I need to finish with a quote because Harry Potter is honestly one of the most quotable series. "It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well." - Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Art credit in the display to StephLew

June 2017 | Feeling Crafty?

Looking for something to keep your hands busy? Do you like the feeling of satisfaction when you get to say to people “ Thank you, I made it”? Or do you like helping charities?

Knit one, read too

In the LRC there is a display of knitting and crochet books just in time for the holidays, along with some examples of student and Meg’s work. If you are a knitter or crocheter in need of help Meg works in the desk in LRC most lunchtimes and is happy to help. (psst. For those who are already miisng the postcards you might be able to find something on the table to pick up.)

The One Million Stars Project

Also in the crafty vein on the study free table until the end of term is the one million stars to end violence project, brought to Mac.Rob by year 11 student Meisie. This is a weaving project creating stars for in installation at the Gold Coast commonwealth games in 2018 and creating discussion about ending all forms of violence. Materials and instructions are provided.

Holiday Borrowing

Holiday borrowing has already started for fiction, non-fiction and magazines. Holiday borrowing for VCE begins Wednesday 28th June at 8am. Students with overdue items are not able to borrow books for the holidays and the item limit for year 9 and 10 students is 10 items. Exchange students (welcome ladies) are also able to borrow 10 items under their own names, simply ask LRC staff.

Enjoy your holidays.

Ms McPherson and the LRC Staff

7 June 2017 | Queen's Birthday Week

Due date for VCE items

With the long weekend this weekend and a disrupted week next week due to the Consolidation Day, Careers Digital Delivery Day and Mission to Mars on Tuesday and the GAT on Wednesday the LRC has made the decision to have all red spotted VCE items returned on Thursday June 15th. This means students who borrow from today, Wednesday June 7th, will get an extended time with VCE items. A reminder that students cannot have outstanding loans when looking to borrow.

The LRC is still open to students in the school on Tuesday and Wednesday.


In recent days the LRC has discovered a quirk with the communal laptops. These laptops have not been charging correctly due to students plugging them in while they are still turned on. Logging off is not sufficient, LRC staff will now ask you to ensure that the laptop is turned off before you return it to the trolley and plug it in to charge.

Holiday Borrowing

The end of term is fast approaching, keep an eye on the website and in the LRC for when holiday borrowing begins. Year 9 & 10s will then be able to borrow 10 items each and all items will be due for return Monday July 17th.

PRC update

As of the Monday June 5th Mac.Rob’s year 9 cohort have read a total 3741 books toward the Premier’s Reading Challenge. 9H are currently leading with 679 books. The challenge is going well with all forms adding books regularly and still plenty of time to go for even more books. The winning form and their teacher will receive a day at Melbourne Writers' Festival Schools Program and a free lunch.

App Trial

For those who signed up for the app trial and haven’t seen me yet can you please do so ASAP or contact me if you are no longer interested.


Enjoy your long weekend and best wishes to those undertaking the GAT on Wednesday.

Ms. McPherson

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