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December 2018 | Work Experience Students

Last week, we had three Year 10 Work Experience students in the library: Carrie, Julia and Alisa. They were an enormous help in completing the Stocktake, in setting up the new Mission to Mars display and in getting the PRC display boards ready for 2019. Check out this fantastic display they created. Great work year 10s!

November 2018 | Year 9 Bat Artwork

This year we have coordinated with the art department to display some amazing year 9 artwork in the library. The latest creations are some Halloween themed Bats! Check out the video to see them spinning above the class reading area.

October 2018 | David Astle Visit

On Friday of week two, the LRC hosted David Astle for a lunchtime Cryptic Crossword Crash Course. David is well-known to some students who attended, as they have been watching ‘Letters and Numbers’ on SBS for several years, where he is a co-host. David describes cryptic crosswords as a ‘playground for the brain’ and enjoys the way both creative and analytical thinking are involved in setting, as well as solving a grid.
With only a handful of students having tried this style of crossword before, David took us through the basic ‘signposts’ that help a solver figure out cryptic clues, and inspired many delighted gasps of understanding as he revealed each clever solution throughout the presentation. Students were quick to grasp these concepts and enjoyed the many examples of anagrams, homophones and synonymous words that David seemed able to rattle off without a pause for thought. 
        An entertaining speaker with a knack for spreading his love of language, we suspect that via this well-attended event, David will have infected some MacRobbians with the word-nerd BUG! (In-joke, you had to be there…) 

October 2018 | Books to Film Display

It's been a big year for book to film adaptions, with Crazy Rich Asians, Simon vs. the Homo sapiens Agenda, and To All The Boys I've Loved Before all making it onto the big screen. We've got some of our best examples of this genre on display in the LRC at the moment, so come on down, and borrow a book, or borrow a movie!

September 2018 | Melbourne Writers Festival
Recount by Selini Samaranayake, PRC captain of the winning form

On the 29th of August, 9F attended the 2018 Melbourne Writers’ Festival at Federation Square as a reward for winning the 2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Our day started with a workshop called Living on Hope Street which was a live interview with Demet Divaroren, the author of the book. Demet explained how she began to write and what inspired her as a turkish girl living through a war and having to move back and forth between homes in different countries. It was about her past experiences that interlaced with her imagination to write a book like Living on Hope Street, after being rejected by many publishers, but it was the result at the end that made the hard work worth it.

“Having an author come and talk about her process of writing the book and why she wrote it was very inspirational.” - Zoe

Our second workshop was Crime Scene Investigation which was a discussion between two young authors that had written books about crime. They both believed that a captivating and suspenseful crime novel would need connections and different perspectives of the people that were involved, also like the ‘ripple effect’ and a crime novel never needed to be completed as cliffhangers and plot twists fulfil the story.

“The discussion was really intriguing as I discovered how crime novels can deeply connect with the characters within the book as well as people reading the book.” - Catherine N

Our final workshop was a showcase based around the experiences of immigrants, transgenders and the youth. There were spoken words, poems, songs and even dances that were presented to the audience. We were taken aback about the stories that were told about leaving their home countries to start a new life, coming out as a father to their children and the power the younger generations have on the future.

“It was really interesting to listen to the stories of various people each with their own distinct personality, experiences and background.”  - Imandie
“The third workshop was an abundance of performances from people all around the world, helping us celebrate different cultures and the beauty of poetry. It was an amazing way to end our day at the Melbourne Writers Festival.” - Meg

“The host’s shiny, glitter jacket was the best thing I ever saw in my life. I want that jacket, my life was changed. Apart from that, I really liked the workshop because it was really cool to hear everyone’s story who are from diverse and cultural backgrounds in creative ways such as poems, songs, and storytelling. - Catherine P

Overall, the day was well organised and I’d like to thank the library staff for giving us the opportunity to experience such a wondrous event as well as my classmates for making such a fun day for everyone!



PRC Captain 2018

September 2018 | Read the Rainbow
Ms. Noonan's been getting a little creative with the book spinners, creating a rainbow out of great reads. Red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Choose the colour that speaks to you!

August 2018 | Cath Crowley

Young adult author Cath Crowley visited us in the LRC yesterday. Cath's novel Words in Deep Blue was a smash hit last year, winning the Gold Inky among other awards and her latest novel Take Three Girls recently won the coveted CBCA award. To a large audience of staff and students, Cath told us the backstory to these novels, how long they took to write and where she got ideas from. Both novels took over five years to complete. Words in Deep Blue was a particular challenge, and it was interesting to hear how she got out of the writer's block she suffered from. She was struggling with the novel, when she began getting anonymous letters in the mail, ordering her to complete various writing challenges. Her friends had noticed she was struggling with he novel and in this way were trying to help out. It worked and gave Cath the idea for The Letter Library, which became a key part of Words in Deep BlueIt was great to have Cath in the LRC and we are grateful to all the staff and students who turned out during lunchtime to see her. 

August 2018 | INKY's 2018 Voting Open
The INKY's are an award for teen readers, voted by teen readers. This years shortlist is out and it includes some great local and international novels. All of the books on the INKY shortlist and longlist are available in the LRC and we currently have a display of them above the magazine section
If you have read any of these titles, you can follow this link to vote for your favourite.

August 2018 | PRC Winners Announced

9F are the winners of this year's Premier's Reading Challenge. The Premier's Reading Challenge is a co-curricular program that all year 9 students take part in. The students are challenged to read as many books as they can from an approved reading list, and have to work together as a form to achieve victory. We hope that through this program the students connect more with the LRC, with their classmates, and of course with books. Here's a photo of Mr. Gurciullo and Mr. Jach with the winning captain Selini Samaranayake.

July 2018 | New English Study guides

Struggling with the language analysis component of VCE English? We've just received several new
 English study guides that could help you out. Why not borrow one today?
July 2018 | Term 2 Holiday Borrowing
It's the first day of term 3, and hundreds of books have come through our returns chute back into the library. As you can see from the photo, it's almost overwhelmed our ability to cope with them, with many books piled up waiting to be shelved, but it's wonderful to see such a keen interest in reading across all our students. Well done students! You've really outdone yourselves this time. Now... to get back to shelving.

June 2018 | Top Student Picks

We have a new spinner in the LRC which is titled 'Top Student Picks'. This is a space for you to recommend books to other students so please take the opportunity and add one of your favourite books to it. It is also a space to find good books, so make sure you have a look next time you're in the library. Should you feel so inclined, you may also write a short review of the book using the forms provided. 

June 2018 | Stella Schools Creative Writing

In May 2018, Mac.Rob students had the opportunity to take part in a series of creative writing classes with Stella Prize winning author Emily Bitto.  The sessions took place over two weeks and four sessions, where a variety of creative writing activities and drafting were completed by the students. The completed work was compiled and edited into an eBook that is now published and available on the LRC catalogue. If would like to read these fantastic student stories, you can access the eBook here.
June 2018 | Skye Melki-Wegner

On the last day of autumn, the LRC was joined by a very special guest: young adult author Skye Melki-Wegner. Skye has six books out, including the steampunk-fantasy-adventure series ‘Chasing the Valley’ and the spy-adventure series ‘Agent Nomad’.   
        Skye delivered a lunchtime talk to students and staff about her journeys as a writer. Some of the students in attendance were recent participants in Emily Bitto’s creative writing workshops, and it was clear that Skye’s experience in the writing industry held particular relevance for them.
         The talk began with practical advice on how to write a fantasy novel, with Skye explaining how she builds her world in small details, asking questions like what sort of currency is used here, what kind of language do they speak? As she is building an idea of her world, she writes ideas for scenes on index cards, and as these index cards pile up, she decides on a structure for the novel. Experience has taught her to balance out action scenes wi
th with dialogue scenes and not to place too many of either type of scene in a row.

Alongside this writerly advice, Skye said several things that I’m sure all students could relate to. She said that whatever you goal may be, you can achieve it by chipping away at it a little bit each day. 90,000 words- a typical novel length- may seem impossible at first but if you focus on doing a few thousand words a day gradually you will be able to achieve your goal. She also told us of the immense satisfaction she felt on seeing one of her novels in a bookstore for the first time and she wished that each of our students would feel a similar moment of fulfilment in their lives, whether it be as writers or in some other field.
         It has been a great month for author visits with the Writer in Residence workshops and Skye Melki-Wegner’s visit. Our next visiting author will be Cath Crowley on Tuesday the 21st of August at lunchtime in the LRC.

We hope you’ll join us there.

May 2018 | Premiers Reading Challenge 2018

The Premiers Reading Challenge is a co-curricular program that our year 9s participate in, supported by the LRC. In the challenge, Students are encouraged to read at least 10 books from the year 9-10 PRC reading list as well as 5 books of their own choice. Many of our students read well over the 15 books required and we keep a tally of how many books each student, and each class has read, so that we can reward the school's most voracious readers with a trip to the Melbourne Writers Festival. So far this year 9F is narrowly in the lead, but there's not much in it. Keep reading year 9s!

May 2018 | Booker International Prize Shortlist

The Man Booker International Prize has announced it's shortlist for 2018, and now they're all available to borrow from the LRC. This years shortlisted books come from France, South Korea, Iraz, Poland, Spain and Hungary. If you feel like reading some more world literature these books are a great place to start. 

April 2018 | Launch of the new LRC Maker Space
Last friday we had our inaugural 'Maker Space' get together in the LRC. Students and teachers alike had a play with the Cublelets robot construction system and the STEAM toolbox for invention based learning. We love to see students getting excited about creating new things and playing with the possibilities of technology.
2018 | Mac.Rob Students publish a book!

For over a year the Student Representative Council (SRC) has been hard at work writing a book that outlines the particular difficulties Mac.Robian's face and what needs to be done to move forward as a school. The finished book is on display on our whiteboard and it looks amazing! The book looks at issues such as student wellbeing, teaching methods, and VCE concerns and looks to be a fascinating read for students and teachers alike.  
April 2018 | Returns from Holiday Borrowing

At the start of term 2, we've had our hands full with the massive mountains of books being returned from holiday borrowing. Whilst it is laboursome to reshelve all these books, it's great to see Macrobbians making such great use of LRC resources
. We're always inspired by how much our students love reading and try our best to encourage that passion.  

March 2018 | Staff Easter Egg Hunt

Once a year at Mac.Rob we have a morning tea and easter egg hunt for staff in the LRC. This event is attended by nearly all staff members, and they have a lot of fun searching for easter eggs the students have hidden all around the library. They can also just have a relaxing tea and hot cross bun, with the school holidays not far away. Here's a photo of Micah Wilkins and Tamaryn Stevens enjoying the event.  

March 2018 | Mission to Mars Display
For those years 9s beginning the Mission to Mars program, and others who may just be interested, we have assembled some of the best books and magazines on the topic. Whether you want to be an astronaut one day, or you're just curious to know how the 'mission' is progressing, please come in and borrow one of these interesting books on display. 

March 2018 | PRC Captains
Today we had a meeting with the new PRC captains to discuss the launch of the Premiers Reading Challenge for 2018! The captains were awarded their badges and given some advice to get their forms revved up for the competition. Last year 9C took out the honours. Which class will triumph in 2018? In this photo we have Jenna Ma (9A), Chen Li (9B), Kaveetha  Arachchige (9C), Thanh Tran Thi Hai (9D), Amy Sun (9E), Selini Samaranayake (9F), Divyangana Dutta Rao (9H) and Rajeeva Pendyala (9I). Thevni Kalansuriya (9G) is absent.

February 2018 | Umat Practice Tests
Are you a year 12 preparing for this years UMAT test? We have just received a new set of practice tests, created by the National Institute of Education (NIE) to help you study. As usual they will be available for three night loans only.

February 2018 | Chinese New Year 

This year Chinese New Year falls on the 16th of February. Best wishes and celebrations in the new year, which will be Year of the Dog!

February 2018 | Valentines Day In The LRC

Today you can go on a blind date with a book. Come down to the LRC and try your luck, you just might find your perfect match.

February 2018 | Information Literacy classes
9F came into the LRC today for a day long course on how to be a good researcher in the 'information age'. At the end of the day they were asked to present on what they learned, which they did so in an entertaining manner: acting out short plays, clapping along to jingles and hosting Kahoot! surveys. 

February 2018 | The New LRC Team

In 2018 we have two new staff members in our library team: Peta Noonan and Oliver Jach. Returning as head of the LRC is Nuccio Gurciullo. We look forward to meeting you.

February 2018 | New VCE Checkpoints
Welcome to the 2018 school year everybody! We have the new Checkpoints.

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