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September 2019 | 2019 PRC Literary Wall Pt. 2

All of Year 9's PRC creative responses are now on display in the LRC's first ever literary wall. It's been great to decorate the LRC with a testament to the Year's 9's love of reading. What a great range of book related artwork!

September 2019 | 2019 PRC Literary Wall
The walls of the library foyer have been looking a bit bare... so with a little help from our PRC Captain's we have been decorating it with the PRC creative responses of year 9 students. Great job Captains and when you're passing by have a look at the great book-related artwork the year 9's have created. 
September 2019 | PRC Winners for 2019
9C are the winners of this year's Premiers Reading Challenge for their amazing creative responses to the books they read, as well as their reviews and overall engagement with the program. In the above photos you can see 9C's PRC Captain Natasha Poon accepting the award, as well as a photo of some of 9C's creative responses. As a prize they will be going for a class excursion to the Melbourne Writers Festival and will receive a free luncheon courtesy of Huong. 
September 2019 | Lia Hills

The LRC was thrilled to have author Lia Hills in for a lunchtime author talk this term. Lia wrote her latest novel The Crying Place on the road, dictating to an audio recognition technology, as she drove with her husband around Central Australia visiting local Aboriginal communities. The audio recognition technology had the unintended effect of teaching Lia how to listen to country, as it would accidentally pick up on sounds like the whistle of birds or the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind. That experience has led to a passion for nature sounds and Lia's recently doing dawn recordings in the Wimmera for an upcoming project. Lia is an original writer and it was great that our students had the opportunity to hear her speak. 

August 2019 | Chenuli Recommends

As previously reported on this website,
Carolyn Zhang (12C) and Chenuli Halgamuge (11G) have been appointed to the Readings bookstore's Teen Advisory Board for 2019. One aspect of being a teen adviser is creating digital content for Readings. As such, you can now find a publication by Chenuli on the Readings website. The article is called 'Novels to help you plan your trip to Area 51' and it's a hilarious and insightful read. Check it out here, and pop by the LRC if you want to read one of the books Chenuli recommends.  
August 2019 | Inky Awards Books

The Inky awards celebrate the best of Australian and International Young Adult fiction. This years shortlist-voted for by teens- has something for everybody. Fantasy 'The Cruel Prince', Dystopia 'Scythe', School Stories 'Amelia Westlake', Slam Poetry 'The Poet X', and End of the World 'After the Lights Go Out'. Come and have a look at the INKY books which are currently on display in the LRC. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 4 September as part of Melbourne Writers Festival. BOOK HERE

July 2019 | Mission To Mars Information Literacy classes

This week we ran some classes for year 9 students on how to find reliable and authoritative information about Mars. The year 9s are in the middle of the Mission To Mars program, where they have to develop a plan for a human settlement on Mars and have to answer the kind of difficult scientific and ethical questions that space travel poses. We tried to show them a few places where they could find answers to these questions, both in physical books and on places online such as Britannica, The Conversation and the LRC 'Mission to Mars' website. We hope that they learnt a lot and walked away with greater research skills. 

July 2019 | Readings Teen Advisory Board
Recognise some familiar faces in the above photo? Carolyn Zhang (12C) and Chenuli Halgamuge (11G) have been appointed to the Readings bookstore's Teen Advisory Board for 2019. As part of this program they will learn more about careers in the book industry, receive free books, and write books reviews and other content for the Readings website.  
July 2019 | Throne of Maas

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas has been one of the biggest Fantasy YA hits of the last few years. So many of our students have been enjoying this series so we thought we would order some more copies. There are now 3 sets of the series in the library so if you've been curious to try out one of these books, or fancy a re-read, come in and borrow a copy today!

June 2019 | Demet Divaroren

As part of multicultural week, the LRC organised author Demet Divaroren to talk about writing and multiculturalism. Demet is the editor of Growing Up Muslim in Australia and the author of the novel Living on Hope Street. Demet led a warm, collegial workshop, talking about how she has used fiction to challenge cultural prejudices and stereotypes. As a muslim Australian with a Turkish heritage and an Indian husband she has often experienced people making assumptions about other people because of their race or religion. Her message was to not let labels affect how we define ourselves or how we perceive other people. It was a great tie-in for multicultural week and the students seemed to get a lot out of the session. 
June 2019 | PRC Reviews

In 2019, we have redesigned the long-running Premiers Reading Challenge competition for year 9s. This year there is a greater focus on responding to reading through reviews and creative pieces. This display shows some of the reviews Year 9s have done so far this year for the PRC. There have been over 100 reviews on the LRC catalogue so far, and it has been a pleasure to read such insightful and passionate reviews.

May 2019 | Stella Schools Creative Writing

In May 2019, Mac.Rob students had the opportunity to take part in a series of creative writing classes with acclaimed author Ellena Savage.  The sessions took place over two weeks and four sessions, where a variety of creative writing activities and drafting were completed by the students. The stories that the students wrote have been compiled into an e-book, which you can access here.
May 2019 | Stella Display
If you've got a moment come in and check out our display of Stella Prize winners and nominees. The Stella Prize awards $50,000 to the best piece of literary fiction or non-fiction written by an Australian woman each year. It's become one of Australia's biggest literary awards, and you are sure to find some fantastic reads amongst this collection.
May 2019 | The Sisterhood Collection

Aligning with International Women's Day, Penguin have reissued some a series of literary classics written by women. The Sisterhood Collection is available to borrow at our library, come in and see these gorgeous editions in person. 

May 2019 | New PRC Books

Each year more books are added to the Premiers Reading Challenge Year 9-10 reading list. Highlights from this year's batch include Indies award winner 'A Song Only I Can Hear', Shaun Tan's resplendent 'Tales From the Inner City', and thought provoking dystopias such as 'Unplugged' and 'Who Rules the World?' If any of these books catch your interest, come in and borrow them today!

April 2019 | Holiday Borrowing

Great to have students back in the library today. There was lots of borrowing as students get ready for holidays. 
April 2019 | Library Re-Opening

Tomorrow The LRC will be back in action. Holiday borrowing has started, all students can borrow up to 10 items, so come in and grab some resources for the holidays!

March 2019 | Stella Prize 2019

Want to read more books by Australian women? The Stella Prize shortlist (and longlist) are here!
March 2019 | International Women's Day

Some great new resources for International Women's Day. Brand new Womankind magazine, new Angie Thomas novel, and The Big Issue's feature on J.K. Rowling.  

February 2019 | Study Free Table

Need something to take your mind off studying? There is a new puzzle on the study free puzzle that needs completing. Come and build a map of Australia- one piece at a time.

February 2019 | Valentine's Day
In the spirit of Valentine's day, we had a Blind Date With a Book display in the library today. Blind dates are perhaps not the best way to find a partner but the students seemed pretty happy with the books they found under the wrapping paper. 

February 2019 | Chinese New Year

This years Chinese New Year falls on the 5th of February. Best wishes and celebrations in the new year, which will be the Year of the Pig. Our new display shows that contrary to popular belief, pigs actually do fly! 
February 2019 | New Inside a Dog Website

Inside a Dog ( is a website for 'bookish teens' and the home of the Inky Awards. They have recently upgraded their website to make it more interactive and more like a social media platform. To celebrate their new website they are hosting an event at the State Library on February 10th, featuring young adult authors such as Lili Wilkinson in attendance. The event is free but you have to book in advance, see tickets here: 

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