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Author Visits

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Yassmin Abdel-Magied Author Talk

Kate Mildenhall

Maithri Goonetilleke

Alice Pung

Lili Wilkinson

Maureen McCarthy

Isobelle Carmody Author Talk

Julia Lawrinson

Melina Marchetta

The LRC offers extension and enhancement programs such as our well established visiting author program. Each year we invite a minimum of three authors or inspirational speakers to come talk to the students during a lunch time. The program makes real connections with student’s passion for reading, and meeting a real life author is a buzz, particularly when they get to ask their questions. 

Some of the previous authors we have had visit MacRob include:

  • Alice Pung
  • Lili Wilkinson
  • Gabrielle Wang
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied
  • Demet Divaroren
  • Melina Marchetta
  • Isobelle Carmody
  • Maureen McCarthy

 Coming up this year we have visits by authors Skye Melki-Wegner, Cath Crowley and David Astle.

Premiers Reading Challenge

Premiers Reading Challenge

For more information see our Premiers Reading Challenge Page

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme

The LRC involves itself in the wider school program in several ways. The Duke of Edinburgh or DOE program is one such example. Students in year 10 opt into this course as an elective choice. Part of the requirements to obtain the award is to participate in a suitable civic or social service. Volunteering in LRC is one way the students can fulfil this requirement. Every year we have two students, usually one per semester, to assist in various activities in the LRC. These include shelving, sorting, maintaining equipment etc. Working in the LRC develops confidence, skills and knowledge of LRC resources and rapport with adults. 

LRC Maker Space

The LRC Maker Space is a new initiative led by our two IT Co-Captains. Each friday students (and sometimes teachers) get together and construct things, often learning about robotics and programming in the process. So far we have the Cublelets robot construction system and the STEAM toolbox for invention based learning as tools for the students and we intend on getting more tools the students can create and play with in the future. 

Language Game Board

We love a good puzzle! The LRC whiteboard is a fun space used for notifications, promoting new resources, and offering regularly updated language and logic puzzles. As well as the daily 9-letter scramble from The Age, we write up puzzles from David Astle's 'Puzzles and Words' books for passers-by to enjoy. Astle will be visiting Mac.Rob on October 19th, and students are encouraged to save up their tricky language questions, to quiz him in return.

 Image result for astle puzzles and words


Writer in Residence

The 'Writer in Residence' program was introduced in 2018, with a four day intensive provided by Stella Prize winning author Emily Bitto. The program was very well received by students, who were able to produce their own creative writing and get professional feedback on it. Part of the program is encouraging students to share their writing, and so we have created an e-book that compiles all of the student writing from the 2018 program. You can access the e-book here.  

Information Literacy Classes

In the first two weeks of the school year, the LRC provides full day introductions for all Year 9 classes on the concepts of Information Literacy. Being information literate means having the skills to do effective research in today's 'information age'. Over the day, students learn about the six stages of research, where to find resources in the library and how to judge information currency, reliability, authority, accuracy and purpose (objectivity). We hope that these classes will make the year 9s more savvy researchers and allow them to fish out 'fake news' when they see it.

Staff Easter Function

Once a year at Mac.Rob we have a morning tea and easter egg hunt for staff in the LRC. This event is attended by nearly all staff members, and they have a lot of fun searching for easter eggs the students have hidden all around the library. They can also just have a relaxing tea and hot cross bun, with the school holidays not far away. 

Library Displays

The LRC uses regular displays to promote items in the collection. From much loved favourites to hidden gems to award winners. Previous displays have included Women’s History Month featuring biographies from inspriational women, Dr Seuss' birthday, audio books, cooking and Australian YA. We have many more exciting displays in store this year so make sure to come visit us and see what new books we have for you all!

Study Free Table

The LRC houses a “study free table" in the fiction reading area. This area provides a number of quiet and relaxing activities that stimulate the mind, while allowing students to take a break and be creative. In the past students have created silhouette art made from magazine cuttings, as well as done some beautiful colouring in work. We have some 1000 dot-to-dots for students to complete and have many more ideas that allow for mindfulness and relaxation time in between all the hard study students are putting in. 

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