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Learning Resource Centre: About

Nuccio Gurciullo - Head of Library/LRC

Nuccio is a highly experienced Teacher-Librarian who has taught in four schools over 25 years. He has held many positions of responsibility including year level coordinators of year 10 and year 11, head of the English faculty and the director of pre-service teachers. He is an expert GAT and English examiner and assessor. His view of the LRC is that it be a place of study and recreation for all levels and types of students - an inclusive space that helps students become researchers in preparation for university and also provide ample reading opportunities for varied interests. He is interested in design, architecture, travel and eating good food. (EXT - 214)

Joni Wong - Library Technician

Joni has had a career path filled with twists and turns. She once dreamed of joining the police force, but excluded due to her petite stature, ended up working with criminal records instead. Subsequently she worked in a diving club surrounded by diving equipment, guns, and daggers. For years, no one ever suspected she couldn’t swim, because she regularly dived with the divers. Despite not knowing how to boil water prior to restaurant training, she also became a trained chef. She is now a qualified Library Technician, has been part of the Mac.Rob library team since 1993, and loves her job. Outside of work, Joni used to love camping, until someone introduced her to ghost stories. She is a self-described crazy cat person, and enjoys a simple life with no riddles and no dogs. ​(EXT - 243)

Meg MacFarlane - AV Manager

Joining the LRC team in 2009, Meg quickly cemented her position as AV Wizard. Other superpowers include Advanced Google-Fu, Unexpected Sarcasm and Knitting. When not responding to plaintive cries of “There’s no sound!”, she is working on a Diploma of Library and Information Services, nerding out over Doctor Who, or singing loudly to 80s music. Once aspiring to write a romance novel, her favourite genres are sci-fi, fantasy and mystery/crime. When she grows up, Meg wants to be a Crazy Cat Lady and visit Scotland…not necessarily in that order. ​(EXT - 717)


Mission Statement

The role of the MacRob’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is to work with staff to enhance students':
  • pedagogical experience and progress
  • passion for reading
  • ability to research independently
  • ability to transition with confidence into further study environments and life experiences. 
The LRC is the major resource provider within the school. The LRC provides programs, information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge-based society.The school community values the LRC as a crucial component of academic excellence and student wellbeing.

The MacRobertson Girls' High School's guiding values and core principles are embraced and reflected in what we do here in the LRC.

School Logo - Potens Sui

'Mastery of Self'

Blast from the Past

Old Library

Monday to Friday:

8am - 4:45pm

(03) 9864 7742

Please Note

No food is permitted in the LRC, and school bags must be left outside in your locker.

Mobile phones are to be kept on silent.  

Thank you for helping us maintain the LRC as a place of quality study and meaningful recreation :)




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    Please Note

           No food is permitted in the LRC, and bags

           must be left outside in your locker.

           Mobile phones are to be kept on silent.  

           Thank you for helping us maintain the LRC

           as a place of quality study and meaningful recreation :)



Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:45pm


Closed during all assemblies and holidays



+61 03 9864 7742

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