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August 2020 | Books are portals undefined
This quote, by Margarite Engle, feels super relevant now. We may not be able to travel more than 5km away from home, but we still have books and books are portals that can take us into all manner of different worlds and are full of loveable characters we can spend time with and learn from. 
August 2020 | Lili Wilkinson Virtual Author Talk

Join our Google chat next Tuesday lunchtime with Lili Wilkinson!

July 2020 | Social Distancing In the Libraryundefined
You may have noticed some crosses "X" across the library, on the study tables and by the photocopiers. These have been placed to maintain social distancing so please ensure you don't sit at an X and maintain social distancing when lining up for the printer/photocopier. This is just one of a number of safety measures we've introduced to make the library as safe a place as possible to work during the COVID crisis. 

July 2020 | Black Lives Matter

Given the Black Lives Matters protests occuring in the U.S.A and Australia, we thought it would be helpful to put together a display of work by African American and Aboriginal Australians that might provide context and insight into the issue of racial discrimination. There are lots of great books on the library in this topic. To find out what we have available, follow this link:

May 2020 | Welcome Back Mac.Rob
After six weeks of closure, today the school re-opens to Year 11 and 12 students. The LRC is also open to students, albeit in a limited capacity. We will be open from period 2 to period 4 each day and will be trialling a form of student initiated checkout. Welcome back Mac.Rob! 
May 2020 | Puzzles on the Study Free Table

Another 1000 piece puzzle complete!

April 2020 | Atar EdUnlimited‚Äč
In order to assist with online learning, the LRC is providing Mac.Rob students with access to ATAR Notes EdUnlimited. These E-Books can be accessed on a number of devices and are a great resource for students doing VCE subjects. 

March 2020 | Premiers Reading Challengeundefined
The Premiers Reading Challenge for 2020 is underway. Year 9s, stay tuned for how to record your reading on the PRC Website.

March 2020 | Puzzles on the Study Free Table
Well done Mac.Rob. 750 Piece Puzzle completed in two days!

February 2020 | Creating Collages & Crisp Classics
This month we have a Creating Collages activity on the study free table and a Crisp Classics display on the spinner.

February 2020 | New Checkpoints

The Cambridge Checkpoints for 2020 have arrived!
February 2020| Information Literacy Classes 

There are 300 new Year 9s in the school this year, making up 12 form groups. Mr. Gurciullo has been inducting each new Year 9 group one by one and introducing to the concepts of information literacy and effective research. It's been great to meet the new year 9s and we hope this sets them up to effectively use the library over the four years of their time here. 

November 2019 | New Books

Some great new books have just arrived in the library. Top of my reading list is Find Me, Andre Aciman's sequel to LGBTIQ heartbreaker Call Me By Your Name. Another big new release is Christos Tsiolkas's historical novel Damascus. There's also a whole suite of pristine classics such as David Copperfield and Middlemarch for you to get reaquainted with. 

November 2019 | Readings Teen Advisory Board 

Need a good book recommendation? See these reviews, written by our very own Carolyn Zhang (12C) and Chenuli Halgamuge (11G) for the Readings Teen Advisory Board. Links: 'Angel Maze', 'It Sounded Better In My Head' and 'The Suprising Power of a Good Dumpling'

October 2019 | VCE Refueling Station

To help our VCE students with their exam preparation we have set up a 'Refueling Station' in the LRC with coffee, tea and milo provided. We hope this helps when energy levels are running low. 

October 2019 | Clementine Ford 

The final author in this year’s ‘LRC Author Talks Series’ for 2019 was Clementine Ford. Clementine is the author of two books about feminism - Fight Like A Girl and Boys Will Be Boys- and is regularly sought after for her views on gender inequality by TV programs such as The Project and The Drum.
       Clementine started her talk by talking about the realities of domestic abuse and violence against women in Australia – studies show that on average one woman is killed every week by a man in Australia, often by a current of former partner. As alarming as this statistic is, Clementine says that many men are dismissive that there is gender inequality in this country, and when she draws attention to violence against women her most common response is men saying “Not all men” or else people asking her “Why do you hate men so much?”
     Clementine shared examples of the abuse she had received online since becoming a feminist activist, including death threats, rape threats and several people saying she was “not good looking enough to be raped”. She said the best way to deal with these nasty attacks is to laugh at them, and to highlight what they expose about the people making those comments.
       The students had lots of questions for Clementine and seemed to see her as an ally they could ask difficult personal questions to. Hopefully we can get Clementine back for another LRC talk, in the meantime there is the Broadside feminist ideas festival in November, which 25 Mac.Rob students will be attending.  

September 2019 | 2019 PRC Literary Wall Pt. 2

All of Year 9's PRC creative responses are now on display in the LRC's first ever literary wall. It's been great to decorate the LRC with a testament to the Year's 9's love of reading. What a great range of book related artwork!

September 2019 | 2019 PRC Literary Wall
The walls of the library foyer have been looking a bit bare... so with a little help from our PRC Captain's we have been decorating it with the PRC creative responses of year 9 students. Great job Captains and when you're passing by have a look at the great book-related artwork the year 9's have created. 
September 2019 | PRC Winners for 2019
9C are the winners of this year's Premiers Reading Challenge for their amazing creative responses to the books they read, as well as their reviews and overall engagement with the program. In the above photos you can see 9C's PRC Captain Natasha Poon accepting the award, as well as a photo of some of 9C's creative responses. As a prize they will be going for a class excursion to the Melbourne Writers Festival and will receive a free luncheon courtesy of Huong. 
September 2019 | Lia Hills

The LRC was thrilled to have author Lia Hills in for a lunchtime author talk this term. Lia wrote her latest novel The Crying Place on the road, dictating to an audio recognition technology, as she drove with her husband around Central Australia visiting local Aboriginal communities. The audio recognition technology had the unintended effect of teaching Lia how to listen to country, as it would accidentally pick up on sounds like the whistle of birds or the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind. That experience has led to a passion for nature sounds and Lia's recently doing dawn recordings in the Wimmera for an upcoming project. Lia is an original writer and it was great that our students had the opportunity to hear her speak. 



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