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Learning Resource Centre: Read the World

There are several ways to read yourself around the world, travel guides, places of authors birth, geographical setting. This list focuses on the place of an authors (or subjects) birth. This allows for the inclusion of fantasy and the preferred genres of Mac.Rob students.

Some countries will have multiple books due to the plethora of options available, others have whole articles written on the difficulty of finding fitting books. See the useful links section if continuing your armchair traveling and reading global settings interests you.

Due to the political situation I'm electing to use the state flag for Jerusalem rather than a national flag.

Liechtenstein is one of the countries it is notoriously difficult to find books for. Very few books are published by the population of just over 37,000 (2016 statistics) and ever fewer of those are translated into English.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's flag is considered holy it will be respected as such and not treated as a background as others on this are.

There are many a list to look at if you are interested in going beyond the countries given here. The LRC is limited by its collection, public libraries and free ebooks are a good way to find some others.

LRC staff can not find any lists with only books aimed at young adults.

Global English Editing created an infographic of the most iconic books from 150 countries. Clicking on the picture will take you to a site containing short explanations as to why each title was chosen. Some on the list are to be expected (such as a Diary of Anne Frank and The Kite Runner), others are more surprising.

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